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Seven Addiction Recovery Tips

By: Diane Joswick, L.Ac., MSOM

In addition to getting treatment, here are seven lifestyle changes you can make to help curb cravings, improve your overall well-being, and assist in your recovery.

  1. Exercise more. Exercise can reduce your stress and help you relax.

  2. Get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices to neutralize and clear the blood and to fortify blood sugar.

  3. Carrots, celery, leafy green salads, and citrus fruits promote body alkalinity and decrease cravings.

  4. Avoid junk food, sugar, and coffee. They can upset blood sugar levels and increase blood acidity, which can aggravate withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Lobelia tea or green tea can be sipped daily during the detox period to keep tissues flooded with elements that discourage cravings. Lobelia is traditionally used to rid the body of a strong toxin such as snake venom.

  6. Drink water. Research shows that dryness causes cravings. Sip water frequently throughout the day.

  7. Practice deep breathing exercises to increase body oxygen and keep calm.

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