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Sophia Tang, L.Ac.

Diabetes is treatable! Chinese medicine has already provided a solution dated back 2000 years ago! Do you suspect that you could have diabetes? If you are having the following symptoms you may already have diabetes ...

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Are you really healthy? What are the health indexes in Chinese medicine system?  Chinese medicine sees our body as a reflection of this universe and sees the material world as consisting of the five elements ...

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When a woman goes to see a Chinese medicine practitioner, a frequently asked question is about the menstrual situation. The menstrual situation tells Chinese medicine practitioners about the general health and condition of the woman.  ...

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Ask The Acupuncturist

Q: I have had chronic low back pain for years and occasionally I get acute flare-ups at random times. Can you help?

A: Yes. 86 million Americans have chronic pain that is not relieved by conventional medicine. Back pain is the second most common reason that p... Read More