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Have a website or are you considering a website to enhance your Acupuncture Practice Marketing?

By: Jim Dazet & Tom Campana

Perhaps you already have a website or you are considering a website to enhance your Acupuncture Practice Marketing?

A website demands care and planning if it is to be successful.  

The primary test for most acupuncturists is to do a search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or your favorite search engine and type in Acupuncture and the city /geographical area where your practice is located.

For example, if we search Google for Acupuncture Highlands Ranch, the first and second positions are taken by (an AcuWebSites.Com client) and the listing for  This is not too shabby when you consider Google identifies 37,300 results on the web for Acupuncture Highlands Ranch! These results did not happen by chance; in fact, these results are earned by constant diligence, awareness of the various algorithms and the ever-changing criteria demands of the search engines.  

Hardly a week goes by that I will not receive a phone call of a prospective client wanting to know precisely how our acupuncture websites maintain their respective search engine positions.  Do we use software? Do we use meta-tags, key words etc., because they heard that Meta.. Without going into much detail and without giving away trade secrets we try to explain in a friendly manner that the Acupuncturist who heals the patient must either change their Acupuncture hats and wear the Web Enhancement hat or hire a trustworthy source to provide that service for them.  

You should be aware that no one is able to guarantee the top positions on any of the major search engines. It will usually take us a minimum of four months to get a respectable position on the major search engines for a new acupuncture website.  We have actually seen acupuncture websites that have been live on the web for over a year and have not ever been indexed by the major search engines!  This is the equivalent of having a new vehicle without getting it a registration tag or even taking it for a drive.  

The key points we are attempting to bring to light are:

  • Having your own web presence is a good beginning as there are no other methods to give you more value for your marketing dollars.
  • Ideally you will hire a company that knows how to deliver results from a search engine query as do the professionals at and

In order to keep your site optimized with the competition, consideration must be given to content, link popularity, Meta tags, key words and key phrases. The larger the geographical area you are trying to dominate, the harder the task.  

If you are considering doing your own search engine optimization, we will be providing an outline of the tasks involved that have proved successful for us in our next installment. If you are not satisfied with your website™s current placement in the search engines, call us for a consultation and we can discuss your site™s options.

Another example would be a Google search for Acupuncture La Jolla. This query produced 170,000 web results and once again on the first page you will see a site that we did not design but which we now web master (make changes to) and submit to the search engines: and not to be outdone we are on page one (1) with  I will add that we are very happy to be judged by the company we keep!

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, AcuWebSites is offering Acufinder subscribers a risk free, three (3) months trial website including Hosting and Search Engine Optimization.

Call 800-581-3511 for details or to discuss any of our web services designed specifically for Acupuncturists. We offer hosting, search engine optimization, blogs and template as well as custom design websites.

Yours in Health & Technology,

Jim Dazet & Tom Campana
Co-Owners of

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