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Q: I am a middle-aged weekend warrior who ends up with muscle spasms in my back and other injuries after exercising. I also experience overall soreness and fatigue. Can acupuncture help?

A: Yes. Acupuncture is very beneficial for decreasing recovery time after a sports injury. Many professional and amateur athletes are turning to acupuncture to extend their careers or recover from injuries.

It is prudent to do regular low intensity training in between your power weekends. Performance athletes train at an 85% maximum heart rate, while your general training level should be at 80%. Low intensity training has a lower heart rate (less than 80% of your maximum heart rate). Exercising regularly at this level decreases the chances of injury on the days when you might do some high intensity training (80% or more of your maximum heart rate). Also, stretching prior to your workouts is essential.

Injuries can be of an insidious or acute onset, triggering edema and the inflammatory process, which creates pain. As soon as possible after your injury, see your acupuncturist. One early treatment can eliminate or substantially decrease acute pain. Acupuncture can diminish the pain and inflammation associated with muscle spasms, influence the tendons, ligaments and bones, increase endurance and coordination, relax the nervous system and boost the immune system. It is a beneficial option for keeping your body healthy or recovering from an injury.

About the Author:

Jane McKee, MAcOM, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist in Tigard, Oregon. 

To learn more about Jane McKee or the Meridian Acupuncture Clinic, please visit