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Can Acupuncture help in the Advanced Stages of Cancer?

Can Acupuncture help in the Advanced Stages of Cancer?

Advanced cancer patients suffer from pain, physically and mentally. The agony to face the last stop of life is terrible for anyone who has to deal with it. That’s where anxiety and depression grow from. Since patients in this stage are extremely weak and no medication could do any better than harm, they start trying alternative way to keep their quality of life.  

Acupuncture, it turns out, works very well in practice.  From Chinese medical theory, pain comes from obstruction of the meridians that slows down the circulation. Furthermore, the poor circulation causes the stagnation of liver Qi that results in anxiety and depression in symptoms. Acupuncture has a reputation for not only relieving pain but also calming down nerves by improving circulation.

For the purpose of living without pain, acupuncture plays a key role in pain control and management. The treatment does not have any side effects and can be performed in most health conditions.

About the Author:

Ellen Z. Gao., L.Ac. graduated from a Traditional Chinese Medical School and worked as a physician in Department of Oncology in China before she came to the United States. She is currently practicing in Torrance, California and is an active volunteer in a Hospice facility.

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