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Lung 07 (LU 7)

Pinyin Name & English Translation
Lieque, Broken Sequence

Superior to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.

Lung 7 (LU 7) is located above the wrist on the inside of the arm.  To find this point, interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other, the point lies on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.

Lung 7 is one of the most powerful points on the lung meridian points. It is a popular acupuncture point to use for stopping a persistent cough and relieving a sore throat. Besides treating those symptoms, LU 7 is often used to treat conditions related to the head and neck, such as headaches, migraines, stiff neck, facial paralysis, toothache, and pain and/or weakness of the wrist.

LU 7 is considered to be the “command point” of the head and neck and is also used to improve circulation in the brain and stimulate memory.
For cough, stimulate this point on both hands with the tip of your index finger for approximately 30 seconds or until your cough subsides.

Traditional Action
Stimulates the descending and dispersing of Lung Qi, circulates Defensive Qi and releases the exterior, expels exterior wind, opens the Conception Vessel, benefits the Bladder and opens water passages, opens the nose, communicates with the Large Intestine.


Lung Meridian

Lung Acupuncture Points:

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