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Traditional Chinese Medicine's Ancient Solutions

By: Elaine Duncan

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory states that blood stasis and the stagnancy of Qi (vital energy) is at the core of all orthopedic diseases. If blood circulation is not promoted, and stasis is not removed, new bones do not grow. Therefore, the dysfunction of the movement of Qi and blood can lead to the production of pathological changes of blood coagulation, stasis, and the occurrence of various orthopedic diseases.

Poor bone health is now a serious, worldwide problem, yet for thousands of years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has known how to keep bones strong and healthy. Bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, herniated disks, necrosis, and fractures have been treated successfully with carefully balanced herbal formulas that have no harmful side effects.

TCM claims that the secret for optimum bone health lies in the functioning of the kidneys. The ancient Chinese texts state: "the kidneys are in charge of the bones." The kidneys store Qi, the vital essence believed to be responsible for health and vitality. When the Qi energy is strong, it can stimulate growth and transformation of the marrow, which nourishes and invigorates the skeleton. The Chinese ancients focused their attention on promoting the generation of Qi, knowing that this vital essence would naturally and powerfully promote blood and bone health.

Today, Chinese doctors and researchers are once again turning to the traditional herbal formulas to address bone problems. One of these ancient bone formulas was known in China as "The Eternal Bone Healing Formula". It originated from the Yi People in the Yunnan Province of China, a culture famous for their knowledge of the healing power of plants.  

Chinese herbal formulas are uniquely powerful and effective for a number of reasons.  Traditional usage dates back thousands of years; therefore safety and effectiveness are well proven.  Secondly, even though the individual herbs are chosen for specific therapeutic effects, the precise gathering and blending of the herbs enhances the effectiveness of the individual components, creating a powerful synergy that compounds their effects.  It is this synergistic value that helps create the holistic influence on the body, while simultaneously addressing the individual malady.

An additional important point is that Traditional Chinese Medicine rarely creates harmful side effects. The aim of TCM is to create wellness in the entire body at the same time as it deals with specific problems. Yin/yang balance underlies the Traditional Chinese concept of perfect health. Disease is considered an imbalance, and any treatment should include restoring perfect yin/yang balance. By restoring a balanced environment, the body can use the tools it has to heal itself and prevent the formation of disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a holistic, balancing effect by working with strengthening the entire system.

Many bone problems originate from poor circulation, inhibiting the delivery of vital nutrients to the bone cells. In addition, when dead cells are not washed away and are allowed to build up, stagnation is compounded.  To counteract this, TCM ancients knew they needed to develop an herbal bone formula that combined rich kidney tonics, amino acids, and herbs that revitalized the cell systems and enhanced blood circulation and microcirculation. From modern science we know that the revitalization of the cell systems and enhanced blood circulation can produce positive results for bone problems and simultaneously invigorate a person's energy, or Qi, and overall vitality.

Since Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used to treat every known problem in existence, TCM bone formulas address the wide range of bone disorders plaguing our modern world. Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal remedies, coupled with healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, have much to offer in improving the quality of life for those who suffer from bone and joint problems.

About the Author: 
Elaine Duncan reviews products offered to the public by Nature's Healing Solutions, a company committed to finding natural remedies for some of today's health challenges, including Osteoking, the recently revived Eternal Bone Healing Formula. Nature's Healing Solutions is dedicated to remedies that are holistic, harm-free, and help restore balance to both the individual and the planet.

"The Eternal Bone Healing Formula", now known as Osteoking, is distributed worldwide and is officially recommended by the Chinese government to the World Health Organization (WHO) for treating bone diseases.  To read the research studies in full or, for more information about Osteoking, visit  

Elaine has studied and taught meditation and yoga for more than 30 years. In addition she is a Breema® Practitioner and Self Breema® Teacher. She has studied and researched natural healing modalities for 40 years.

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