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Understanding Vegan Nutrition
Pacific Rim College
229-560 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
250-483-2119 (phone)
Event Start Date: 04-06-2019
Event End Date: 04-07-2019

Event Start Time: 9:00 AM
Event Duration: 8 Hours

Event Topic: Nutrition & Weight Loss
Organization: Pacific Rim College
Instructor: Shawna Barker

Event Description

Learn to go vegan the right way. In this 2-day workshop we will cover in-depth nutrition strategies for how to thrive on vegan and plant-based diets.

If you are not vegan yourself, you may end up working with clients that are already eating this way or would like to try it out but want to make sure they are doing it properly. Maybe you or your client have tried it before but didn’t feel well and would like to learn how to balance nutrient intake and address any digestion or absorption issues. 

The topics we will be covering include macronutrient balance, micronutrient balance, supplements, terminology and definitions of the different types of plant-based and vegan diets, the reasons more and more people are choosing to eat this way, vegan athletes, digestion, absorption, the gut microbiome, raw food, eating with the seasons, current trends and the future of veganism, and the doctors that have embraced and specialized in plant-based nutrition. 

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05/27/2019 01:15:18 am