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Cosmetic Acupuncture Face and Neck
Family Acupuncture and Wellness
St Cloud, FL 34744
United States
303-349-2932 (phone)
Event Start Date: 10-06-2018
Event End Date: 10-07-2018

Event Start Time: 9:00 AM
Event Duration: 2 days

Event Topic: About Acupuncture
Organization: Lucas Teachings
Instructor: Dr. Martha Lucas, Ph.D.

Event Description

Learn the highly effective and well known Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols for face and neck taught by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac.  All of Dr. Lucas' seminars have supervised practice! 

“I’ve been studying with Dr. Lucas for 10 years, and have taken all of her classes, some of them twice. So when she has something new to offer, I’m interested. I appreciate so much her depth of knowledge and how grounded she is in the fundamentals of acupuncture. She is not presenting a trendy hybrid of techniques or protocols, but a way to immerse yourself deeper into the medicine you practice and to which you have dedicated yourself. Her insistence on supervised practice and case histories gives you extra assurance that you are mastering the techniques she’s teaching, and can confidently bring them in to your practice.”

Kathleen Port, LAc., Los Angeles



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