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An Introduction to Eating Disorder Prevention and Intervention
Pacific Rim College
229-560 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
250-483-2119 (phone)
Event Start Date: 04-07-2018
Event End Date: 04-08-2018

Event Start Time: 9:00 AM
Event Duration: 15 hours

Event Topic: Mental Health
Organization: Pacific Rim College
Instructor: Tara Hope

Event Description

Course Information

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that most often require long-term, comprehensive treatment with a team of professionals specialising in the field. For individuals showing early signs of disordered eating (i.e., those on the low end of the spectrum), Holistic Nutritionists can play an important role in prevention efforts. Should they choose to advance their training in eating disorder intervention and care, Holistic Nutritionists can become an effective part of the collaborative team effort for clients at more advanced stages on the spectrum.

The workshop provides participants an introduction to eating disorders, what they are, who they are most likely to effect, and how to effectively integrate prevention and intervention practices. A foundation will be laid for Holistic Nutritionists to develop the confidence, self-awareness, and tools to help clients on the eating disorder spectrum receive the care needed for successful outcomes. The importance of early intervention and prevention practices cannot be overstated. Both will be explored with the intention of learning how to integrate these approaches into participants’ prospective practices. 

The workshop has interactive components on Saturday and Sunday to facilitate learning and provide opportunities to practice via role playing with guidance and support of Tara. Plenty of opportunity will be given on both days for discussion and reflection in small groups and with the entire group. Individual self-reflection will also be part of the workshop.

An Ask-It-Basket will be provided on both days and any questions brought forth will be addressed by Tara as time permits.

On Sunday a Workshop Feedback Form will be provided.

Workshop Objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Expand their knowledge about the etiology and treatment of a range of eating disorders;

  2. Learn how to incorporate eating disorder screening tools at intake;

  3. Increase their ability to identify warning signs among clients that may be at risk of developing an eating disorder and/or those who may already be in the throes of a full-blown eating disorder;

  4. Identify when the needs of respective clients are beyond the scope of their practice;

  5. Develop a working knowledge of early intervention and prevention practices;

  6. Develop a plan of action with clear protocols when EDs are suspected;

  7. Gain confidence and personal awareness to incorporate these proactive, professional practices; and,

  8. Identify, uncover, and challenge any of their own disordered eating practices and/or beliefs.

Course Instructor

Tara Hope, MACP, RCC, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Certified Teacher. She holds a master of arts degree in counselling psychology and bachelors’ degrees in education and honours psychology, respectively. In addition to her experience as a professional eating disorder counsellor, she has over 20 years of experience working with people affected by disordered eating (compulsive eating, binge eating, food addiction, restricting, purging, body dysmorphia), assisting them in their recovery journey beginning with a mindful eating group in Nova Scotia in the early 1990s. Tara has developed and taught many courses in her career and facilitated large group workshops for eating disorder prevention and intervention on Vancouver Island and in Washington State. Accessible, affordable, and holistic mental health care is extremely important to her.

Course Dates

Saturday and Sunday, April 7-8, 2018, 9:00am-5:00pm

Course Tuition

Regular – $300 (Early Bird – $285, until February 15)
Students* – $275 (Early Bird – $250, until February 15)
PRC Alumni – $285 (Early Bird – $265, until February 15)
*PRC diploma students will receive 1 NU academic credit for this workshop.

Course Registration

To register, please follow this registration link

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