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Editorial Calendar

Topics and Content Submission Deadlines

Newsletter customizations or profile image changes must be completed by 5 PM EST (2 PM PST) of the content submission deadline provided. 

Any updates received after the deadline may not be included in the newsletter.

        October: October 27 - Addiction/Smoking and Healthy Habits

        November: November 16 - Children's Health and ADHD

        December: December 28 - Remember, Recharge and Resolve 

        January (2022): January 11 - Weight Loss/Weight Management 

        February: February 22 - Pain Management

        March: March 24 - Fibromyalgia

        April: April 18 - Asthma/Allergies

        May: May 16 - Memory and Learning Abilities

       June: June 6 - Cardiovascular Health

      July: July 5 - Neurological Health

Disclaimer:  This editorial calendar is a general subject guide for's Monthly Acupuncture Patient Newsletter, Qi Mail.  

Acufinder reserves the right to change this calendar at any time without notice.

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