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Tips for acupuncture website design to encourage new patients
Date Published: 2006-06-13

  1. Make your website design simple and inviting. Keep it SIMPLE.

  2. Generally avoid music and images that slowly phase in. Many people use dial-up, and it takes longer for the website to load for them.

  3. Write a good mission statement or philosophy on your homepage. Keep it short and meaningful. Avoid jargon that the layperson would be unfamiliar with.

  4. Place a nice facial picture on the homepage or on your “About Me” page.

  5. Have a “Home” link on each page of the website, so people can easily link back to the main page. Not everyone knows how to use the back button.

  6. Avoid run-on pages where text continues to flow down the page. People generally have short attention spans on the Internet and you have to present your information concisely and in an “easy to grasp” manner.

  7. I recommend a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page which gives the reader answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  8. Invite the reader to contact you for more information. Consider offering a free phone and/or e-mail consultation.

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About the Author:
Written by Michael Edson, L.Ac., and co-owner of – affordable websites by acupuncturists for acupuncturists.

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