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Thrive Integrative Wellness Center
Brenda St. Clair L.Ac.

Thrive Integrative Wellness
18 W First Street, Second Floor
Hinsdale, IL 60521
United States
630-734-3493 - phone

Thrive Integrative Wellness Center
1640 N Wells Avenue #207
Chicago, IL 60605
United States
773-920-1935 - phone

School: Midwest College of Oriental Medicine
Degree: Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

About Brenda St. Clair

In order for us to Thrive in our daily lives, we need to take time out of our busy schedules to Nourish our Bodies, Challenge our Minds and Strengthen our Spirits. This is why I have created Thrive Integrative Wellness. A place where people can come to relax, renew and heal in an environment where the Energy is Calm, Positive and Inviting. A place where one can find Balance within the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. A place to Thrive...

As a knowledgeable and compassionate Alternative Medicine Practitioner, owner and founder of Thrive Integrative Wellness, Brenda St. Clair, MSOM., L.Ac., dedicates herself to patient healing and education. Health is conscious living focused on balance and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Brenda encourages individuals to be an active partner in their own healing. Every treatment is customized to the individual patient to address the unique imbalances that lead to acute and chronic conditions.

"I believe that the body has a natural ability to heal itself and through the use of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine I can facilitate this."  

When diagnosing and treating, symptoms are considered in relation to the person holistically in order to determine the underlying cause of an imbalance, illness or disease.

"My goal at Thrive Integrative Wellness is to bring the mind, body and spirit into a state of balance."

Treatment Techniques
Areas of Expertise
Styles of Acupuncture

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