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Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture

DOAM, L.Ac.  

Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture 

About Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture

Most people are unable to visualize or consider the pleasure of being treated with a process that involves needles being inserted into their skin. But for the others who have discovered natural alternative treatments such as Chinese medicine and holistic healing, these two are the perfect remedies. The idea behind acupuncture, a branch of Chinese medicine, is to correct and balance the energy flow in the body to attain overall well-being.

Acupuncture is grounded on the principle there are certain points in the body that are important in spurring healing and maintaining health. Pressure needs to be exerted at these points by means of a device. Vital energy known as Qi or Chi flows through pathways called meridians and a free flow of this energy implies a healthy person while a blockage, slowdown, or stagnation of this flow leads to symptoms and illness. The unhindered flow of Chi provides everything the cells need and takes out all waste that has built up in the body. The result of all this is an improvement in the physical and emotional health of the individual. Illness and symptoms will appear if Chi is blocked at any level.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is frequently used in the treatment of diseases and disorders although it is often used in combination with other modalities such as moxibustion, herbs, and/or electric stimulation. The needles are the prime tools that help reconnect the energy flow in the body.

The need to return energy flow to normal will dictate the place and points where the needles are stuck. Acupuncturists start by identifying and locating the meridians where Chi flows. There are twelve major meridians that moves and cycles Chi within the body. Symptoms and illness show up when these meridians become clogged at their interconnecting acupuncture points. These points are evaluated and removed of their blockage by exerting pressure at the specific points through acupuncture needles.

It is crucial for the acupuncturist to analyze the effects that all of these connections will have once he or she has diagnosed the locations for the treatment. Elements that are associated directly with what the body needs to be at optimum health are related to these different points. These are mainly connected to the five elements that are believed to be the basis to the laws of the universe.

To maintain or boost health, one of the most beneficial ways is with acupuncture treatment. Practitioners of this craft are able to determine what areas of the body suffer from a poor flow of Qi. They are able to identify the involved channels within the body. By influencing the manner in which energy flows, they are able to revitalize and/or restore the energy levels in the body and enhance Chi flow so that the body can reach optimum health.

Nowadays, more and more people are discovering the multiple health benefits that acupuncture offers. Many of them avail of regular acupuncture treatments in order to maintain their Qi at an optimum level and to stay healthy. The benefits that acupuncture provide are being understood and now, conventional western medicine is encouraging people to try this wonderful natural treatment. The advantages of acupuncture are deemed to be helpful in resolving any kind of imbalance and any misdirected energy in a safe, non-drug way.

About Alexander Ezzati

Alex Ezzati is a licensed acupuncturist in Encino, CA. He received his Bachelors Degree in Muscular Kinesiology at Cal. State University Northridge. Having a passion for the human body and how to treat different ailments not using pharmaceutical drugs, Alexander began his journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine. He moved to San Diego Ca, where he diligently studied Acupuncture and Herbology for 4 years. On a quest for a richer and deeper understanding of the Medicine, Alexander traveled to China and volunteered in Chengdu Hospital in southern China under Master Acupuncturists and Herbalists. He has also acquired his degree in Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) to combine with his acupuncture treatments. Today Alexander has returned to his community where he has many roots to offer alternative healthcare at an affordable price.

Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture
16200 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 478-9401

Languages Spoken Farsi

School Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


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Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture

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