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Acupuncture can be used to enhance your focus and learning ability.

A point often used for such treatments is Yintang, which is located between the eyebrows and sometimes referred to as "the third eye."

The Chinese translation for the acupuncture point, Yintang, is "hall of impression."  A "hall" is defined as a corridor or passageway, or the large entrance room of a house.

An "impression" is defined as a strong effect produced on the intellect, emotions or conscience. Thus, Yintang is the entrance or passageway to the mind.  

Yintang is used to improve mental clarity, concentration and cognitive function as well as soothe emotions and relieve stress, anxiety and agitation.

Self-administered acupressure at the Yintang point can provide immediate relief of symptoms.   

For effective self-administered acupressure:

•  Breathe Deeply
•  Focus on the point as pressure is applied
•  Pressure should be strong but not uncomfortable
•  Begin when you first feel symptoms and continue until they subside

Meditation and Tai Chi can also help calm and focus the mind.

Learn more about how acupuncture can help enhance your focus and reduce your stress.   Find an Acupuncturist near you today!

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